Kirsten - Testimonial for Eve Persak

Working with Eve has been an amazing experience. She is very knowledgeable, professional, supportive and her level of involvement is exceptional.

Under her guidance, I cured most of my IBS symptoms which is quite a miracle after so many years of dealing with it. She encouraged me to make a few simple adjustments in my life that made a huge difference! I noticed a big improvement in energy levels and overall well being.

Eve’s sweet and caring personality is a bonus that comes with the package. She really listens and takes the time for you. I felt very supported and cared for. Even when we were in different countries, she would stay in touch and answer all my questions rapidly and thoroughly.

If you want to know what’s best for your body, which foods and supplements to take, how to balance your hormone levels, increase your energy levels and sleep better, Eve is your girl! I would recommend her in a heartbeat to all of my friends and family.