Many thanks to my clients near and far for sharing their personal stories…

Ajay, USA

Eve and i were office mates at a service office in Singapore, and I began talking to her about her diet and marketing consultation. I have suffered for years with gluten + dairy intolerance, acid reflux, and other related ailments. I had been looking for a way to eat [...]

Francesca, Australia

I really loved my consultation with E ve. She was very organised & professional & made m e feel very calm. I really liked how many details she asked about me & my diet etc to really give me the best advice. I left the consultation feeling helped, listened [...]

Jack Lafleur, USA

When I was referred to Eve I was a physical mess: hyper thyroid, skin condition, inconsistent G/I, a broken wrist and fresh off the discovery I am allergic to wheat, eggs, milk and nuts among other things. Eve took a look at my blood work and instantly put me [...]

Jennifer & Sienna, USA

I connected with Eve when I was distraught about my daughter’s gut health. She had been experiencing discomfort, bloating, headaches, and fatigue for months and I just wasn’t getting the help she needed from other Doctors. I was extremely impressed with Eve’s approach all around. She seemed to really [...]

Kristen, The Netherlands

Working with Eve has been an amazing experience. She is very knowledgeable, professional, supportive and her level of involvement is exceptional. Under her guidance, I cured most of my IBS symptoms which is quite a miracle after so many years of dealing with it. She encouraged me to make [...]

Lydia, Canada

I worked with Eve on a personal session to assess my current diet and to change the way I incorporate good nutrition in my everyday busy life as an entrepreneur. Before working with Eve, I was feeling sluggish in the middle of a work day, and not having good [...]

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